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Capturing the best moment of life at right time is like getting boon from heaven. Converting the wonderful moment into image is can be done with aid of professional photographers. Now finding the professional photographer is become easy through on-demand photography apps. This on-demand photography app is developed in two ways, that is one is for end user and other one is for the service purpose. End user app can be downloaded in phone and directly can capture the awesome pic through smart phone. The other service app act as a bridge between customer and photographer. The on-demand photography app start to play a vital role in everyone’s life, most importantly for photographers. Photographers can explore their photos in this sites and can also earn by getting orders from customers. Various orders can be get from peoples based on the photographer platform interest. The platforms like model, fashion, product, newborn, family, office, house, event, business conference, etc. Utility of on-demand photography app: The benefits of on-demand photography app for service providers as well as for customers is given below, Can select the right photographer for your personal photoshoot or for any other reason, so users don’t want to buy the cat in the sack. It saves the precious timing for both parties by booking an appointment at required time alone. Delivery of images on right time satisfy the users and relief stress for photographer and client. Payment methods are easy and have multiple option to fulfil customers. Direct booking can help the photographers to get a brand for themselves and to shine in their domain. Photography App: The photography app has three domain in one structure. The three domains used by three different category people. The three domains are, Admin User Service Provider Admin This admin controls both the user and service provider activities, which act as brain of the app. The admin can o
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