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With the invention of the computer systems, the hopes and efforts to create a program that would be as intelligent as human began to rise. The dream started to convert into reality when John McCarthy in the year 1956 coined the term artificial intelligence. Artificial Intelligence is one of the areas in Computer Science. Today, AI is reaching the heights and engineers should always be up to date with the technologies. To know about AI in depth one must join the best artificial intelligence training Noida. This area focuses on the creation of programs that would make the machines as intelligent as a human. These machines would work and act like humans. John McCarthy, the father of Artificial Intelligence, once said that Artificial intelligence is the engineering and science of making computer programs intelligent. AI is successful when it is accompanied by various traits like learning, thinking, deciding, solving a problem, and, many more. The basic goals of AI are:  To create a system that is smart enough to indicate intelligent behavior by learning, demonstrating, explaining, and giving advice to its users.  To create a system with human traits like understanding, thinking, reasoning, learning, and behaving. A successful Artificial Intelligence-based program can perform the following actions:  Answer generic questions  Adjust with a new modification, therefore, allowing the user to change minute details without changing the whole structure.  The program can be modified quickly and easily. Artificial Intelligence is really a very broad discipline. One can create a program based on AI by bringing the following discipline together:  Computer Science  Biology  Psychology  Linguistics  Mathematics  Engineering. AI is of 2 major types:  Narrow  Broad Artificial Intelligence is categorized into 3 major tasks:  Formal tasks: This task consists of mathematics and gaming actions. Like Geometry, Logic, Proving a Theorem, etc.  Mundane tasks: These
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