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Voice-Over Defined Voice-over is a technique in used in a radio, filmmaking, television, or other presentations, where a background voice, which is not part of the goings-on on screen, is used to narrate or explain something off-camera or off-stage. Voice acting, on the other hand is the art of giving voices to a character on screen, usually a non-human character in an animation film or where animals are shown to be speaking. Voice acting is also useful in audio and video games. In either cases, voice actors, actresses and narrators are referred to as voice actors, voice artistes or voice talent. Narrations are used to provide information and to explain to an audience or user, something that is not part of the dialogue on screen, or to provide a background story, or a brief contextual understanding, or an explanation like in a documentary or a training video. It allows a filmmaker to efficiently transfer information the audience to make it easy for the audience to understand the context and premise of the film. Cost of Voice-Overs Prices for narrations vary largely depending on the size and nature of the recording required. Standard rates for corporate and educational voices which are not broadcast via mass media range from about USD 500 (Rs. 35,000) to USD 1,500 (Rs. 100,000) for approximately five minutes of recording. Voice Selection 1. Determine the location of the session. 2. Select high quality samples. 3. Decide whether the voice talent must be male or female, young adult or middle aged, in some cases teenaged too? 4. Select a voice that is suitable and appropriate for the audience. 5. The voice ought to fit the subject. Consider whether the voice should be a corporate and serious voice, or one suited for advertising, alluring or convincing? Sometimes seductive and enchanting too? The theme and subject of the film determine the choice of voice. 6. Consider the subtle qualities of the voice. 7. Make sure the talent is available at the time that the recording is required to be done. Advice for Asp
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