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Mohika Jewellery is celebrated because it’s conventionally economic and is designed to be pocket-friendly. It looks heavy but it’s not, in fact it is light weight and very user friendly. The secret behind it’s highly economic nature is that a Mohika necklace set is just stuffed with gold beads which are hollow and it saves a lot of gold. It’s very authentic and yet avaricious. The true nature of a gold necklace set is it’s absolute design and craftsmanship. A Mohika Necklace is delicate because of it is not made by using machines or artificial devices but it’s handcrafted by gold smiths precise craftsmanship. Mohika jewellery is the supreme result of hard work and is fabricated by the very concentration and preciseness of goldsmiths.
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Country and State : India , Delhi
Posted On : 2019-07-04 14:20:26