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Word Par International is a leading voiceover solutions provider in India catering to the ever-growing need of corporates, educational institutes, broadcast houses and television producers. Companies creating content for their advertisements and video presentations and trying to address audiences in other countries require not only translation of their narrations into various languages but also good voiceover talent suitable for the specific nature of the videos. E-learning modules have an outreach of various countries and require their online teaching content to be accessible by students of different languages. Television and broadcast media which now penetrate the households all over the world are finding audiences in different countries. Word Par International has a wide network of various voiceover talents for all mainstream languages of the world. We are a leading voiceover talent bank and provides cost-effective solutions for all voiceover needs. We have a well document database of voiceover artistes fitting various categories based on gender, age, and nature of content. Male and female artistes, baby, teenage, adult and senior voices in each and for varying purposes, an endless range of combinations catering to various needs of the voiceover industry, are available in our database.
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Posted On : 2019-06-06 13:13:17