Blog is a kind of journal of personal individuals that can be made public in the World Wide Web who displays the blogs in the chronological order in the respective website. It means that the most recent blogs are used to appear first. Usually, the blogs are a work of an individual person or it may be prepared by a group of members also. But the thing is that the blog speaks about the single subject based on its theme. Blogs may contain the textual descriptions, images, and links to other blogs. Blogs may also contain the links to web pages. A good interactive blog can make the readers to leave the comments on the blog and this makes the readers and posters to have the social relationship. Some of the blogs may focus on photographs based on theme, videos, audio contents, music, etc… This makes the ability of the readers to leave the comment in an interactive format.

        Thus the blogger not only produces the articles to post on the blog websites but also they used to build the social relationship between the readers and the other bloggers. The blogs became more popular because politicians use the blog as a tool to express their opinions on any wars or any other major issues. There are different types of blogs available.

        The blogs are differing from each other not only with the content present with it but also in the way the content is delivered to the readers. Some of the types of blogs are corporate blogs, organizational blogs, personal blogs, etc… and much more. Thus the blogs plays an important role in every one's life to express their opinions independently.

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